Letter from the Founder!

crystalCrystal Faison

SECF contributors and supporters,

From its inception, I knew that Shepherd Energy and Community Foundation (SECF) would do great things. One reason is because at SECF we’re always asking what’s possible and what’s next:

  • Are we addressing the weatherization needs of our clients as best as possible?
  • How can we further extend our reach and services?
  • In what capacity could SECF serve the ancillary energy needs of our target populations?

In simplest terms: Our work is never done. And by understanding that, we have come a very long way. But that journey would not have been possible without contributors and supporters like you; and for that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The communities in which SECF works include low-income households, disabled and/or elderly residents.

Each year gets busier and busier as our service area expands. Within our service area, there have been several developments in both the manner in which eligibility for weatherization assistance is determined statewide and the processes and technologies we use to fulfill our jobs.

Still, however, the need for weatherization services is consistently outpacing the rate at which aid is provided. As a result, new measures and efforts have been adapted to ensure that, even in an environment where resources easily become diminished, the quality of SECF’s assistance is unblemished. That’s because the services we provide are essential to the welfare of every single person we serve.

What’s on the Horizon

Within our organization, we have begun preparing for the influx in both need and service that we’re expecting to encounter in 2016 by expanding our team of skilled energy and operational personnel.

SECF has every intention to remain a strong partner in and provider of energy efficiency and weatherization assistance that is changing the lives of Maryland residents in our targeted communities.

Our efforts will always foster the spirit of growth, social change, service and synergy. Continuing in our culture to help as many people as possible, we are more productive and efficient in our approach to curtailing the weatherization and energy issues faced by upwards of one-third of Maryland’s population.

We are extremely proud of the direction we are moving in and invite you to contribute to our efforts and collaborate with us in any capacity you feel comfortable.

Crystal Faison