Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Comprehensive Energy Audit

A Comprehensive Home Energy Audit is free for all grantees/grant recipients (a $400 value)! This in-depth assessment of your home will include the basic energy saving offerings of the Quick Home Energy Check, but we go a step further by using of industry standard diagnostic tools which include blower door, infra-red camera and combustion safety testing. We also identify areas of your home that can affect safety, comfort and energy efficiency, as well as high electricity use. These things can include:

  1. Insufficient Insulation levels;
  2. Moisture Problems;
  3. Condition of Appliances;
  4. Heating and Cooling System Efficiency;
  5. Lighting;

The energy auditor will carefully review the findings so you are aware of what exactly should be done to improve your home’s safety, comfort and energy efficiency to maximize your savings.