How Could
You Help?

How Could You Help?

The entirety of the non-profit’s efforts focuses on providing energy and weatherization assistance to some of Maryland’s most underserved communities, namely low to moderate income households and those with children, disabled and/or elderly residents. More importantly, our program allows the elderly, disabled and families to live in homes that are safe and comfortable. Limited financial resources are the essential reasons homeowners are living in homes that are without heat in the winter and/or air conditioning during the summer. Weatherizing, heating or cooling an entire house is simply out of the question for many and as a result, neighbors and friends in Prince George’s and surrounding counties have resorted to living in a single room in their homes in an effort to be comfortable.

SECF works to ensure that every contribution be it financial or otherwise is used prudently and efficiently as possible. We are extremely proud of the direction we are moving in and invite you to make a tax deductible contribution to our efforts and collaborate with us in any capacity you feel comfortable with.

Thank you for making your taxable deductible donation to Shepherd Energy and Community Foundation, Inc.