“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others”.
– Cicero


In many ways we are thankful and honored to help those in need but we simply cannot do it alone. There are instances where the amount of work needed to provide a safe, sustainable and comfortable environment exceeds the budget BUT, (there is a but), we have industry partners and friends who lend their expertise at NO or REDUCE cost to help residents that are most in need of our services. And for those industry partners and friends that have helped, we are forever grateful. We extend special thanks to:

Eternity Plumbing
Owner: Gerald Brown, Master Plumber
Eternity Plumbing repaired a gas leak, replaced a hot water tank and installed a gas oven.
-Thank you, Gerald!

TAB Mechanical Services
Owner: Tyrone A. Brown, Master HVAC Technician
TAB installed a 95% AFUE GAS furnace at a significantly reduced rate. “We got to get heat to this house!”
-Thank you, Tyrone!

Holmes Electrical Services
Owner: Vernon Holmes, Master Electrician
Holmes Electrical Services upgraded an electrical panel to support an electrical water heater as well as provided an electrical service to support a continuous flow vent.
-Thank you, Vernon!