Welcome To Shepherd Energy and Community Foundation, Inc.


elcome and thank you for visiting Shepherd Energy and Community Foundation’s web home where our mission is to  EDUCATESERVE and EMPOWER our most underserved community members in Maryland. We invite you to learn more about our programs that help identify and repair health, safety and comfort issues in the home as well as help homeowners reduce energy costs and consumption.

“After my work was completed, I saw a $70 difference in my Energy Bill on my first month’s bill”
-S. Gregory


“Thank you so much for helping me and most of all for just caring about others”
-D. Carter


“The professionalism of everyone involved in this process has been great, and I truly feel very fortunate to have been selected as a participant. For the first time in 20 or so years living in this house, we will be warm this winter — Nature can bring all the snow and ice it wants”!
-J. Walls